Robert Scoble interviews Evri CEO Will Hunsinger

Our CEO, Will (@billykid), sits down with Robert Scoble to discuss the new Evri for iPad app, our unique approach to news discovery and the future of news apps. Click through to watch video.

Evri for iPad: Discover What Matters

Today I am pleased to announce the public launch of Evri for iPad. In setting out to deliver a content discovery experience on the iPad, our goal was to stay true to our core value proposition while taking advantage of the unique aspects of the tablet form factor. The result is Evri for iPad, a personalized news discovery app that identifies trending content from thousands of sources, distills that content into topic-based streams and then surfaces it all in a highly visual and interactive way. It’s important to be clear that Evri for iPad is not a simple newsreader, it ...

How Smart is Evri?

If there were two questions I always get asked about Evri's technology they would be:

  1. What is your "secret" sauce?
  2. If that's how you do it, how do you stay current with the amount of new content generated daily?
In this short video blog post, I talk a little bit more about Evri's Natural Language Processing (NLP) approach to understanding, categorizing and indexing content. I also touch on some of the components of our document processing, clause processing and linguistic normalization and how the NLP processes interact with our Entity Store - a proprietary, massive, structured data store of millions of canonical entities and the key ingredient to precise disambiguation of entities in unstructured content (not to mention ...

How-to guide: SportStream Football

Now that you've downloaded SportStream Football, take two minutes to learn about some of the cool, easy-to-use features:

BOOM! SportStream Football tackles iPhone and Android phones

ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL!?!? Today we’re releasing an amazing new app, SportStream Football, just in time for the 2011 NFL Season. Following our apps for Baseball, Basketball and just about every other sport – we’re providing you gridiron fans with a new, different and fantastic experience. In addition to the Web-wide news for every team, every trade and every injury you’ve come to expect from us, we’ve taken it a step further. First, you’ll notice our shiny new sports brand, SportStream. It reflects our commitment to bringing you a continuous stream of news, stats, tweets and more for your favorite team. You can ...

Evri as a Semantic Content Discovery Experience

Content filtering and discovery is a hot topic in the technology space these days. Whether it be content discovery through "human curation", your social graph recommendations - Twitter, Facebook - or via algorithmic filtering approaches, many companies are leveraging a variety of approaches to solve a very fundamental problem; how to distill a precise signal from the overwhelming noise and deliver interesting, relevant content to consumers. At Evri, we have taken a unique approach, leveraging proprietary technology to understand unstructured content and categorize it into topics that are both meaningful and manageable and deliver an engaging content experience to users across any platform. Leading up to our launch of Evri for iPad, we've been thinking ...

Even in Alternate Universes, Pigeons Never Forget

While humans spend our time bickering over debt ceilings, exploring the multiverse theory, and evading ‘Grease Devils,’ the animals are busy too. Yvonne the fugitive cow continues to evade capture in Germany, a tarantula spooks passengers at a Berlin train station, and a ‘Zedonk’ (zebra-donkey hybrid) is born in China. In other tales of man and beast and outer space…

Man buys 150 pizzas

A Mississippi man drives 1,400 miles and pays $1,200 to stock up on his favorite pizza. Read more about the mega pizza run. Related articles:


Pigeons never forget

Scientists learn that pigeons recognize and remember faces… forever. This is a good reason never to anger the pigeons. Read more about pigeon memory. Related articles:


Darkest planet discovered

A planet is spotted that is so dark it is described as blacker than coal. The universe never ceases to be weird. Read more about the darkest planet. Related articles:


The Interest Graph: Smart Filters for Social Media

Social networks are undoubtedly changing the way we discover, consume, and distribute content on the Web. And the proliferation of newsreader apps like Flipboard and Pulse has made information more accessible – and consumable – to a huge audience that never even heard of RSS. But although it’s easy today to follow people and to follow publishers, we’re still failing to deliver on a key promise of digital media: the ability to follow topics. The social graph is well served, but the interest graph isn’t. I’m a huge Facebook fan. My Facebook feed accounts for at least half of the news I read and watch every day. It’s where I first learned about the Egyptian revolution, the final score for the FIFA Women’s World Cup match, and Amy ...

Team Evri Hits the Ballpark, Introduces EvriThing Baseball 3.0

Last week, EvriThing Baseball 3.0 hit the app store for both iPhone and Android – complete with all the features baseball enthusiasts have come to love, as well as brand-new, real-time stats. To celebrate the latest update, the Evri crew is introducing it in style – with major league events at the baseball parks near our two offices, San Francisco and Seattle. Last Monday, the Evri SF crew set it off right, watching the reigning World Series champs crush their downstate rival, the Los Angeles Dodgers. But before the home side stormed out to a 5-0 lead (and never looked back), the Evri team hosted a little celebration of its own. We rounded up friends, family, and Evri fans, to ...

Veggie Snorting, Eagle CPR, and Stripping for Putin

While the world mourns the passing of the most famous butter sculptor, young ladies in Russia are urged to strip down to support Vladimir Putin, a breastfeeding baby doll ruffles feathers, German police nab two runaway circus elephants, New Zealanders welcome a rare white Kiwi, a couple marries underwater in Mexico, and a 61-year-old woman is arrested for groping a TSA officer. In other news you may have missed…

Chefs make snortable asparagus

Gourmands are paying up to GBP 50 for a gram of powdered asparagus designed to be snorted. Read more about asparagus snorting. Related articles:

Eagle saved by mouth-to-beak resuscitation

An Oregon vet performed CPR – including the kiss of life – on a Bald Eagle and saved the bird’s life. Read more about Eagle CPR. Related articles:

Pastafarians fight for recognition

After Austrian officials allowed a man to wear a pasta strainer in his ID photo for religious reason, members of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster seek official status. Read more about Pastafarian rights. Related articles: