Automated Action Based Content Generation

I’m excited to announce The Attack Machine, an exploratory site available via Evri’s experimental Garden, which leverages the power of the Evri API to automatically generate content oriented around an action, or verb. Content on The Attack Machine is automatically generated leveraging Evri’s deep linguistic analysis of news, blog and other web content. The Attack [...]

Introducing the Evri Cocoa API

Now that we’ve gotten version 2.0 of EvriVerse in the App Store, it’s time to talk about some of its internals. In this post we’re going to talk about how EvriVerse works with our public API using our open-source Cocoa library. While the library code isn’t specific to the iPhone, the Xcode project that it [...]

Sentiment API Exposes Web’s Feelings

Every minute of every day people are expressing their sentiments and writing them down in news articles, blog posts, and other web content. Many people are too famous to write down their sentiments, but journalists, bloggers and other content creators are more than willing to document their feelings. Often times a famous radio commentator will [...]

Check out Evri’s new JavaScript API

I’m excited to announce the launch of our new JavaScript API.  We’ve been using the JavaScript API internally for quite some time, for example, our widgets are built on this flexible and easy to use web API. It feels great to finally open it up to the Evri development community. The Evri Javascript API utilizes [...]

Welcome to the EvriVerse – Evri’s iPhone App

Here at Evri we love the iPhone. We know that its been a complete game-changer in the mobile-space. And, it seems like this whole iPhone App thing is catching on. So naturally, with so many iPhone fans in the company we thought to ourselves, “hey, we oughtta write an iPhone app!” Starting as a “20% [...]

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The Making of the evribot

The evribot and Relationship Triples The evribot is an automated Twitter account that tweets extremely brief summaries of news stories. We created the evribot to demonstrate how our API extracts meaningful relationships from unstructured documents on the web. The tweets take the form of (subject, link, target) triples that represent the relationship between a subject [...]

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More Evri API Goodies

We had a great week for the Evri API. At Demo 09 we showed off many of our wares including the recently released Evri Toolbar, our widgets including the Washington Post widget, as well as the entity profile pages; all of these applications are built completely on our public API. I also chatted with many [...]

Evri Holiday Hackathon yields Twitter Widget

Last week we had our first ever Evri Holiday Hackathon. A bunch of us locked ourselves into a hotel for a couple days and hacked away on our laptops building new apps using Evri’s API. It was a blast; we ate great food, hacked great code, and lots of wonderful applications came out. At the [...]

Evri API Preview Available for Developers

We are excited to announce that an early preview of our API is available for you to take out for a spin. The Evri API gives you programmatic access to Evri’s rich mapping of the entity web, or the web of people, places and things connected to one another via language itself. The Evri API [...]