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The Evri iPhone

The Evri iPhone

Here at Evri we love the iPhone. We know that its been a complete game-changer in the mobile-space. And, it seems like this whole iPhone App thing is catching on. So naturally, with so many iPhone fans in the company we thought to ourselves, “hey, we oughtta write an iPhone app!”

Starting as a “20% Time Project”, we’ve put together our first iPhone application that showcases our unique content browsing and discovery engine — and it’s all built with the same APIs that we expose to external developers. We call it “EvriVerse” and it’s available now in the iTunes App Store. We think it’s pretty nifty.

So what does it do? Well, one of the questions that we’re good at answering here at Evri is “what’s going on right now, out in the world?” With our ever-growing structured data store and deep semantic understanding of dynamic web content, we have an awful lot of connected, contextual, relevant information to play with. We do the work of finding important information about topics you care about, and let you browse them in a new way. Let’s take a look…

The initial EvriVerse screen

The initial EvriVerse screen

When you first start the app, you have two places you can go. You can either search for something specific by touching the magnifying glass, or see what’s making news by touching the rainbow. Let’s start with the hot list.


Selecting an entry from the list will take you to our main view where you can see that topic and its top-five connections. The connections are to People, Products, Organizations or other things out in the world that the topic you are interested in is connected to.


Here I’ve selected Wanda Sykes. Touching one of the related topics allows you navigate the what we call the “Entity Web”. Think of this as the ultimate “Six-Degrees of Kevin Bacon” tool.

Touching the main topic will give you a list of current articles, as well as current actions, top connections and profile information for that topic.


“Actions” and “Connections” give you a new way to browse web content about the topic you are interested in. With Actions you will see just that, a list of verbs your topic is engaged in – visiting, speaking, buying, etc.. Connections will show you what things your topic is connected to. Navigating any of these will take you to the list of articles that help you understand the connection. You can then follow this all the way through to the article — and you didn’t need to do any typing to get there!.


This is just the first release of this application and we have a host of features planned in the future. We hope you find it useful, informative and entertaining. Please do let us know what you think, and what features you think we should add. If you have questions or comments, please visit our iPhone Support Page and leave us a note.

Once again, you can download the app here . If you like it, please rate and review it. If you have a problem, please let us know.


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